Load banks - how to ensure without switching off the power on your object?

Uninterruptible power supply systems and their components such as generators, ATS systems, power transformers, switching stations electrical power supplies UPS require regular service runs under load, and often check for efficiency, read of the actual parameters and validation completed the electrical connections

Test with the participation of load bank allows you to load testing cycles, occurring on the object during normal operation and in extreme situations, such as overload or malfunctions.  Load bank to PROtotypownia guarantee fully configurethe ability to perform tests: standard m. in smooth SLOW START/Stop in real time and power determined by the user, AUTO TEST according to PN-ISO 8528, customizable soft keys that allow to determine any steps load and attach them with one button all in real time, for example. The ease and simplicity is guaranteed by HMI user optimized User Expirience - both for the main driver load bank and each of the available remote controls. 


In addition, loadbank with our latest series are equipped with power quality Analyzer function in the standard device driver that allows the measurement of values such as: voltage phase L-N phase voltage, L-L, the current values for each phase, cos fi, active power, reactive and apparent, kWh and others. Read write system provide data through RS485 communication, Ethernet, SCADA, BMS, USB and Wi-fi alowing for easy control of the device (for example, by laptop or smartphone), but also allow you to easy download the result data and present them in the form of the full report with characteristics.

Developed models of ergonomic chassis ensures easy transport, safety and space saving, most often we use to protect the control electronics solutions compatible with IP 54, in the case of models with larger operation power realize we provide conrainer casing. with the recommendations of the PN-ISO 10 Loand bank from the latest series have been equipped with the ability to synchronization at the programming level.

Ask about the laboratory convicter at the accuracy of +-0,5% and more.





Resistive load banks

Resistive load ba allow you to load any high power system and at the same time simulate receivers regular power consumtion. Device load power ratio witch cos Phi =1, it is wide field of applications.
Load banks are required for testing power generators, ATS, switchgear, power transformers switchgears, UPS and even precise air conditioning (required in server centers), more accurate alternative power sources (RES).

PROtotypownia is flexible and always focus on our Parter requirements. We are able to design load bank from single KW up to 2.5 MW with no synchronization limitations. Load banks PROtotypownia has been recognized for e.g.: Victoria Business Quality 2015 and 2016, A Climatic Entrepreneur 2016. As an innovative device conducive to conscious use of electricity can be used for electrical audits and implementation of standards such as ISO 50001-Energy Management System.


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