Inspirują nas nowe wyzwania i projekty specjalnie dopasowane do potrzeb naszych Klientów. Działamy tak, żeby w krótkim czasie wyjść na przeciw oczekiwaniom i stworzyć rozwiązanie szyte na miarę.
                                                                                    Wszystko czego potrzebujesz, by stworzyć niezawodny system zasilania. 


Power generators, Obciążnice i UPS

In our offer you will find machinery and equipment
necessary to provide emergency power supply
and testing power supply systems.




Automatic, SZR & Energy Distributors

We design automation systems tailored to individual needs.
Advise and make the best solution,
to secure your business.

Projects, Training, Measurement

We projects atypical device
or our industry partners.
We conduct training, we perform measurements
finished installation.

Our works

We invite you to watch a short video information.


Who we are?

In The PROTYPOWNIA we design and build emergency power systems and automation than any other. Others, because they are characterized by individual approach and taking into account the specific needs of each customer.

Each project is a new challenge for us, a kind of prototype.

What we do?

We implement systems including industrial automation, switching and power control (ATS), generators, generator synchronization with the network, or another unit or UPS from A to Z.

We provide full service (including service contracts), some technical advice, immediate action in case of failure.

Why we are unique?

As one of the few in Poland design and have a fully professional equipment that allows testing power systems under load, without damaging powered equipment on site.

We supply and rental of equipment of the highest quality.


They inspire us new challenges
and projects specifically tailored
to the needs of our customers.
We work so that in a short time
to meet expectations
and to create a solution

Register data

Prototypownia Błażej Flaszyński
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REGON 341575920

ul. Kasztanowa 6A/1 lok.22
64-542 Młodasko, Poland


Urgent technical matters: +48 605 955 129
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   +48 61 307 17 79
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Solution of your problem
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We operate throughout the Polish.